Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parties, Crafts and Playgroup Fun

We have been SO busy with playgroup, school, parties and everything else!

On Saturday afternoon I took Kenzie out on the porch while Ava was napping so she could make her fall Placemat..Unfortunately we didn't get to finish outside because and a 
Major storm can through and scared her so we came inside.

Patiently waiting for her craft

Loving it

She is SERIOUS about her glue lol

Right when the storm blew in . .(See her looking out) :(

We finished the craft inside before I took them to Maw Maw's house for the night!

How stinkin' cute were these tights I got from Target for $5!
Then my husband and I went to my aunts halloween party which was SO much fun since we haven't been to a party in forever! I was dressed as Alice (From Alice in Wonderland) and he had to come straight from work so he was not able to dress up :(

This is my Aunt Heather! She did a FABULOUS job decorating :)

My mom and Stepdad =)
And finally today we had a playdate with the group today and we did some scarecrow crafts, 
Lots of screaming and watched some of Toy Story 3!
I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! xoxo


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