Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parties, Crafts and Playgroup Fun

We have been SO busy with playgroup, school, parties and everything else!

On Saturday afternoon I took Kenzie out on the porch while Ava was napping so she could make her fall Placemat..Unfortunately we didn't get to finish outside because and a 
Major storm can through and scared her so we came inside.

Patiently waiting for her craft

Loving it

She is SERIOUS about her glue lol

Right when the storm blew in . .(See her looking out) :(

We finished the craft inside before I took them to Maw Maw's house for the night!

How stinkin' cute were these tights I got from Target for $5!
Then my husband and I went to my aunts halloween party which was SO much fun since we haven't been to a party in forever! I was dressed as Alice (From Alice in Wonderland) and he had to come straight from work so he was not able to dress up :(

This is my Aunt Heather! She did a FABULOUS job decorating :)

My mom and Stepdad =)
And finally today we had a playdate with the group today and we did some scarecrow crafts, 
Lots of screaming and watched some of Toy Story 3!
I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! xoxo


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MDO - 'School Pictures'

I had to take a picture of the proof but here is my sweet girls MDO 'school' picture! 
I am still shocked they got her to sit there, look at the camera AND smile.. 'sigh'


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I'm going to try REALLY hard to get all my meals for the week posted each 
Sunday so that way I know what I am making..  
Tonight I am going to try these Cowboy Quesadillas
They look yummy and super simple.. 
I am ALWAYS looking for new things to try so if you know of any good recipes please share! 


Monday, October 18, 2010


When it's almost time for the sun to set and the weather is cooling down,
We love to go out on our porch and do some crafts.
I've decided we will start doing this daily until it gets too cool and we have to come inside.   
Loving my witch decor =)

Today I was brave and decided to do something simple
(Well simple if you have one child.. Not so much with 2 toddlers lol) 
I let the girls make handprint trees with fall leaves on them.. Again..
Not so simple with a 1 and 3 year old!

But we had fun!

The beginning of the project


Getting cleaned up for the next paint color

She thought she needed glue for something

Kenzie's finished tree

And then we finished our hard work off with a popsicle! Another reason I love fall! 
Still warm enough to have popsicles on the porch but cool enough to enjoy it!


Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch...

Am I the only one that loves everything pumpkin in the fall? 
Pumpkin patches, pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pie, My 2 sweet little pumpkins ;)..
Really I love anything pumpkin! So this weekend the girls and I headed out to the pumpkin patches.

  First we headed to Kenzie's 'school'/Church/MDO's Pumpkin Patch.
It was small but I really wanted to get our pumpkin's from there since it supports the place she attends!
We were the first ones there on opening day and we had fun! 

Ava checking out the sign. I really loved that they had these at the end of each row of pumpkins! Perfect photo op!

One bootiful Ghoul ;)

Kenzie trying to find the perfect pumpkin! I must say they had a lot of great pumpkins

Ava was certain this was a 'nana' (Banana)
My personal favorites are the ones that stand out ;)

 On Sunday we headed over to Mema and Pepa's house, picked up Mema, Sydni and Cousin Tristin then went to the Flowermound Pumpkin Patch .  We went to this one last year and although it is always so unbelievably packed and either extremely muddy or dusty.. It is an awesome pumpkin patch =)

What is a pumpkin patch without Charlie Brown hehe

Cousin Tristin looking for the perfect Pumpkin

My Bootiful pouty princess

Ava attempting to get a pumpkin almost as big as her

Loving the bounce house

And this year really made realize how much pumpkin picking and taking photos have in common!

 When I upload 1000 pictures from less than an hour at the pumpkin patch..
I feel like I am digging through a tub full of photos...

It takes some time to go through all of the them to find the right ones...

Some of them I really like.....

And some I just have to toss....

But in the end I always get that one that just makes me smile =)

I'm sure this will not be our last pumpkin filled weekend of this month. 

Happy FALL! <3

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kenzie turns THREE

On October 5 my oldest (Kenzie) turned 3! Time definitely flies and I can't believe my baby is 3 already! She is one wild, crazy girl but I love her to pieces.  She loves kisses and snuggles and has started really getting into the 'helping mommy' role with her younger sister Ava.  So in honor of my sweet girls (belated) birthday, here she is over the last three years :)

 ^^My little burrito when she was just born =)^^

^^3 months old^^

^^9 Months old^^

 ^^First Birthday^^

^^14 Months old (Seeing santa in Destin)^^

^^12 Months old (Halloween in Destin)^^

^15 Months old (The night before little sister Ava was born)^

^^Almost TWO!^^

^^2 Years Old^^

^^THREE! Ready for picture day at school^^

<3 XOXO <3

Friday, October 15, 2010

Etsy Treasury Addict...

Today I decided I would make a fun photography treasury on Etsy.. Which then lead of course to an Owl one as well :) Hope y'all like these items as much as I did!

Happy Hoots Treasury 

Capture Your Life Treasury


Happy Hoots..

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