Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday, Snow and New Business!

We have had a BUSY week! First Ava's birthday party was fantastic and I'm still in denial about it lol
Here are a few pics from the big day! 

How adorable are these piggy cake pops (Made by my Sister in law!)

And we got SNOW that day! I'm sure it's not that exciting to anyone north of DFW but we were excited :)

Pre-Party I took Ava outside for a picture and to check out the snow =)

Ok so she likes it as long as she doesn't get it on her hand haha

And finally! I am starting a photography business! I am so excited =)

OH one more thing! I received a blog award from Laughing My Abs Off so check back tomorrow because I will be giving the award to a few of my new favorite blogs and sharing a few fun facts about myself!

Keep Calm and Hoot On!



  1. those pictures are adorable! i love your colors. and it's pretty darn exciting when we get snow around here too, for the first day anyway. now, it's just getting annoying because we have inches of ice covering the ground.
    happy birthday to your little one!

  2. Great pictures!! Congrats on starting your own photography business!!