Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Friends at the mall...

Because these two NEED their own post.

I'm sure other moms feel this way too but I can honestly say my good friend Jenn and I have the same child... Well not really but seriously we have always said our girls are SO much alike, and it is SO great having a great friend AND have your children be great friends as well.  

Both of these girls are loud, wild, hilarious, sweet, stubborn, funny and they LOVE each other!

And when you ask them NOT to do something. .They will probably do it =) 

Nothing warms my heart more than the big hugs they give each other when arriving ... and departing!

Big Hugs usually end with them falling to the ground in laughter.



  1. precious girl! love those candid moments caught on film.

  2. Hi! I found you through Sherilin at LaughingMyAbsOff - those are some fantastic photos! Wow! I gave you an Awesome Blog Award today on my blog! Check it out if you can!