Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Recovery and Resolutions...

How was everyone's Christmas?!?! Ours was fabulous and we all were spoiled beyond belief.  
It was so great spending time with family, BUT I am glad a new year is just around the corner.
A few of my favorite Christmas items this year: New Camera and Lens!, Jo Totes camera bag, 

TOMS and Sarah-Jayne Shoes 
and the most comfy Old Navy slippers (Which my SIL's also got a pair!)

The girls got almost every Toy Story toy you can imagine and lots of crafty, 
educational ones as well, which I am so excited about =)

This pretty much sums it up =)

As much as I hate to say I am making Resolutions (Because really I have never stuck to them)
I am really going to work hard this year to achieve these things!

1. Eating Healthier. 
I refuse to say the 'D' word because as soon as I do it all goes out the window for some reason. 
Oh and I also decided I would be a vegetarian for 3 months.. My husband is so not on board
but I can do it!!! I cook the meals so he can deal with it LOL

2. Work on my marriage.
Just in general I think after 6 years together we could work on a few things and I feel that
every marriage has to have a refresher every now and then =)

3. Have more 'ME' time.
I have come to the realization that feeling like a single parent (Due to my husband working long hours)
and just not giving myself the 'ME' time I need I am not the wife or mom that I could be.  
So I am hoping this works out!

4. Get my house organized and keep....clean.
Ok so this might be a little unrealistic with a 2 and 3 year old 
BUT I am determined to get organized
and finish decorating!

5. Learn more about Religion, Worship...
I really don't want to discuss religion OR politics on this blog so I will leave it at that =)

FIVE little things.. I can do this right?! I guess we will see! 
Dec 30, 2011 I will have to look back
and see how much I have really worked on these 'resolutions'

I would also LOVE to hear about your resolutions/goals too!

Keep Calm and Hoot On!

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  1. i love the pics w/ all the matching slippers & also that one that showed all the christmas morning chaos & excitement with the kids. that paper can take over a whole room, can't it?